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Interested in Going Solar?`

Want to save up to 25% and have the support of experts in installing the right clean energy system for you? Working together, we can make Forsyth a leader in clean energy.

Solarize Forsyth is a community-based group-purchasing program for solar energy, battery storage, and other clean energy technologies that helps homeowners, businesses and nonprofits become more resilient, reduce energy expenses, and save on the cost of renewable energy systems by obtaining volume discounts on materials and installation services — the more that participate, the greater the savings!

Solarize campaigns harness the power of the crowd to save some major green while residences and businesses go green.

The organizers of the campaign will seek competitive bids from the local solar community to ensure best-in-class materials are installed by qualified solar professionals for the lowest price.

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  • Have questions? Check out our Solarize FAQs

Solarize Forsyth (“Solarize Forsyth”) is a program promulgated by a public-private coalition consisting of Green Cell, Kiwanis Club of Forsyth County, Citizens’ Climate Lobby of Forsyth County, Resiliency Trust, Environment Georgia, Georgia Interfaith Power & Light, and Solar Crowdsource.

What To Expect from Solarize Forsyth

  • Savings: Savings of up to 25% through group purchase of materials, focus on a limited geographic area, and tiered pricing schedule.
  • Vetted Contractor and Materials: Through a competitive bid process, Solarize includes the selection of a qualified solar contractors and best-in-class materials so you don’t have to.
  • Free Solar Evaluations: Sign up and get a free solar evaluation including preliminary site design, energy usage profile, and financial analysis.
  • Education and Outreach: Several free workshop and education events that include discussions on Solar 101, the Solarize Forsyth program, and pros and cons of solar. You will meet the contractors, learn about materials, pricing and payback, and get your questions answered.
  • Community Support: Don’t go it alone. With Solarize Forsyth, you have the support of the community every step of the way.
  • Limited Time Campaign: To generate interest and motivate procrastinators. Once campaign ends, discount pricing goes away.

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