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Together, homes, businesses, and governments can now benefit from cleaner, cheaper energy.

Solarize Campaigns

Community residents save cash and the environment by going in on the cost of solar together—the more that participate, the greater the savings.

Solarize Petitions

Three easy steps to start building support for a Solarize campaign in your community. Start making your community more sustainable now.

Solar Crowdfunding

Nonprofits get the funding they need for clean energy projects while donors make a socially responsible and tax deductible donation.

(WSB-TV) Metro Atlanta sees surge in solar power in businesses and homes

The Georgia Water Coalition

Solar Crowdsource is proud to be recognized in Georgia Water Coalition’s inaugural Clean 13 Report and Celebration which highlights extraordinary efforts on the part of businesses, industries, local governments, non-profit organizations, and individuals to protect the water and natural resources of Georgia. Learn more

We have the tools you need for a successful campaign:

Industry Know-how

Every state has its own set of unique rules and market conditions that control how solar can work for you. We have in-depth industry knowledge of the solar market and lay the groundwork for you.

Intuitive Campaign Tools

You can easily create and customize your campaign page to specifically target your local community.

Turnkey Marketing

Our personalization features and marketing automation ensure that campaign marketing emails match the interests of each recipient with relevant content, updates and reminders.

Social Media Savvy

Solar CrowdSource provides content to plug into your social media channels to deliver a clear, unified message to your followers with links back to your campaign page.

Data Management

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when we bring data management from every touchpoint with your participants to turbocharge your campaign.

Campaign Analytics

Improving and optimizing your campaign starts with understanding your data. We’ll keep you updated on your metrics.


1.3+ MW

of added solar capacity


Contracts signed


Solar workshop attendees

31,500+ tons

Total CO2 avoided over 20 years

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