Solarize Middle Georgia ROI Calculator

‘Build Your Own System’ Calculator Tool

Residential Installations

Solar energy is often explained in terms not commonly used in everyday life such as, “The price is $2.60 per watt.” or “A 5kW system will offset use of grid power by 50%”, but this is not really the way we think about our energy.

More often, people think of solar in terms of the solar panel itself which makes sense because, after all, that is what is generating the electricity. We often get questions such as: How big is a solar panel? How much does it cost? How much energy will it generate? How much will it save me?

Which is why we’ve built this simple, easy-to-use “Build Your Own System” calculator tool by choosing only the number of panels desired and the calculator does all the rest.

Moreover, because of how the Solarize Middle Georgia program works, we already know the installed price per panel and the exact solar panel specifications so this calculator is specifically customized for theSolarize Middle Georgia program.

But wait, it gets better!
If you have your annual electricity usage and expense information, you can personalize your solar energy system to calculate the offset from grid power, annual savings, environmental benefits and more. And when you’re finished, simply click ‘FINISH’ and get your results emailed to you – it’s that easy! Sound good? Let’s get started!


Results will vary. This calculator provides an estimate of energy production and cost saving under the most optimal circumstances. This calculator does not take into account specific site conditions such as shading, roof pitch, panel orientation, or amount of excess energy exported to the grid. Participants are strongly urged to consult with a tax professional to determine how tax incentives apply. To determine if your property is suitable for solar, sign up now for a free solar energy evaluation.

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