Crowdfunding St. John

Crowdfunding St. John

What is Crowdfund St. John?

Crowdfund St. John is part of Solarize St. John, an effort to expand solar access to all St. Jonians. Too often, low-income and middle-income families experience a high electricity burden and can not afford the upfront cost of solar energy. Public programs that help support low-income families join the solar movement are lacking or non-existent. To remedy this, Solarize St. John has started this crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to buy down the cost of solar for low-income and middle-income families in St. John.

Solarize St. John is a comprehensive grassroots initiative to strategically expand the penetration and breadth of solar and battery installations across all property types and demographic profiles on the island.

Why It Matters

Electricity burden in the USVI is among the highest in the United States.

Energy burden, energy insecurity, energy poverty are among the terms used to describe an ongoing problem in the United States and US Territories. The average amount of household income spent on electricity is 2.5%.  In the USVI, average household income is lower than on the mainland while the cost of electricity can be up to four times higher. This means low-income and medium-income families in the USVI are spending much more of their annual income on electricity than the national average and therefore have a higher electricity burden.

Using solar energy to generate your own energy on your own property can greatly reduce the electricity burden for low-income families while simultaneously make them more resilient to increasingly powerful weather events common in the region. Combined with the Solarize St. John campaign, we can reduce the cost of solar and help make your donation go even further.


A donation of $100,000 has already been made to seed this effort! Your donation will go to the St. John Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (SJCF) and SJCF will administer the funds as part of the Resilient Housing Initiative (RHI).

RHI is a program to help the most vulnerable residents on St. John rebuild their homes after Hurricane Irma.  Up to 74% of low and middle-income residential structures on St. John were damaged, according to a media brief published by Love City Strong, a non-profit organization that was formed in response to the hurricane and is collaborating with the new program.

Learn more about the Resilient Housing Initiative here

Where does my donation go?

All funds raised go to the SJCF and will be used to help buy down the cost of solar + storage for low-income households as part of the RHI. SJCF will ensure these contributed funds will be provided via screening and qualifying to targeted middle- and low-income recipients who could not afford a system otherwise.

In addition, RHI is already receiving pro bono professional and community volunteer support as well in-kind support via the island’s Long-Term Recovery Team under the umbrella of the Community Foundation’s Angel Network. Importantly, this community initiative will confirm that these homes are structurally suitable candidates for solar installations.

To get started, select one of the prescribed funding levels and become part of a movement to make solar energy more affordable for ALL St. Jonians. If you wish to make a donation in an amount different than one of the levels here, please contact us at for more information.


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A crowdfunding campaign to help buy down the cost of solar and reduce the energy burden for low-income and middle-income families in St. John.
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