Solarize Asheville-Buncombe Neighbor-to-Neighbor Donation

Solarize Asheville-Buncombe Neighbor-to-Neighbor Donation

Neighbor to Neighbor Solar is one part of the greater Solarize Asheville-Buncombe campaign!

Helping others in our community lower their energy burden is the aim of Neighbor to Neighbor Solar. While all Solarize Asheville-Buncombe customers benefit from discounted rates through group buying, we are also making grant funds available so that solar power is possible for income-qualified households.

Do you want to help make solar available to others in our community?

If so, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Your donation will go directly toward funding solar installations for deserving Buncombe county residents, reducing their energy burden and helping to free up a major portion of their monthly household budget for other critical family needs.

Any amount you can contribute is welcome. Our crowdfunding campaign in support of Neighbor to Neighbor Solar grants seeks any size donation to add to our early seed funding. Already, several families have benefitted from receiving a system similar to yours. A significant impact on a family’s energy burden can occur via purchase of one PV panel ($650) or even a whole-home system.

Thank you for being a part of our continuously growing renewable energy community.

Why It Matters

Energy Burden and Solar Energy

Energy burden, energy insecurity, energy poverty are among the terms used to describe an ongoing problem in the United States.  The average amount of household income spent on electricity is 2.5%.  This means low-income families in the USVI are spending much more of their annual income on electricity than the national average and therefore have a higher electricity burden.

Using solar energy to generate your own energy on your own property can greatly reduce the electricity burden for nonprofit and low-income families while simultaneously make them more resilient to increasingly powerful weather events common in the region. Combined with the Solarize Asheville-Buncombe campaign, we can reduce the cost of solar and help make your donation go even further.

A donation of $75,000 has already been made to seed this effort! Your donation will go to a nonprofit organization that will administer the funds to deserving nonprofit and low-income families.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where did a fundraising goal of $200,000 come from?
    Our goal is to buy down the cost of solar for 30 low- and moderate-income families in Buncombe County. Buy down amounts are dependent on level of household income.
  • What happens if we don’t make our goal?
    If we don’t make our goal, we will make as many grants as possible under the above described methodology.
  • What happens if you exceed your goal?
    If we exceed our goal then we will make more grants to more low-income families on St. John to help reduce their energy burden.
  • Where does my donation go?  All funds raised go to Green Built Alliance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductable. Please consult with your tax professional to determine how the tax deduction applies to you.

To get started, select one of the prescribed funding levels and become part of a movement to make solar energy more affordable for ALL Asheville and Buncombe County residents. If you wish to make a donation in an amount different than one of the levels here, please contact us at for more information.


Step 1: Specify your contribution amount for Solarize Asheville-Buncombe Neighbor-to-Neighbor Donation

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