Commercial RFP – Solarize Atlanta

Commercial Installer: Request for Proposal

Published: February 15, 2018

Solarize Atlanta invites proposals from solar electric (PV) contractors (“Contractors”) to participate in a Solarize campaign for the City of Atlanta.

This request for proposal (RFP) is for commercial applications only. Bidding Contractors may submit questions to Program administrators will post all questions and answers on this page for reference to other bidding Contractors.

Bids Due by: March 15, 2018

Solarize Atlanta RFP – Commercial Contractors

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Attachment A – Contractor Profile

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Attachment B – Pricing Proposal

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Attachment C – Equipment Specifications

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Attachment D – Additional Cost Factors and Price Adders

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I can see from the adder pricing for Solarize Dunwoody there is a “roof slope adder”. It gives no indication of what roof pitch so I’m wondering if that’s something they applied to every job no matter the roof pitch. Please confirm how you want us to price that. (Typically it’s no extra cost if the roof is under a 6/12 pitch.)
A: Solarize Atlanta cannot make any pricing recommendations based on the degree of roof pitch. Adder pricing for roof pitch should be based on the bidding contractors costs associated with any additional expense.

Q: Will the leads sent to the selected contractor have actual power bills (not a usage estimate) already attached to their file?
A: Registration forms on the site give participants an option to upload their actual power bills and usage data and that information is sent directly to the selected contractor. Power bills are not required to register for the program, however. Solarize Atlanta encourages participants to provide as much data as possible to help the selected contractor give the most accurate evaluation possible, however, requiring actual power bills could discourage participation.

Q: What is the expected budget for marketing expenses from the contractor? If you cannot answer this directly please provide what was agreed to in prior solarize contracts.
A: Bidding contractors are expected to help market the program, however, Solarize Atlanta does not prescribe marketing methods or means. Solarize Atlanta will evaluate bidding contractor’s marketing contributions as a whole including but not limited to actual marketing expenses, social media outreach, print media, event participation, neighborhood canvassing, etc.

Q: On page 7 there appears to be conflicting information where it says “all installations shall be completed by December 31, 2018”, and on the timeline is shows 6-30-2019 as the completion target.
A: The target date for completed installations is June 30, 2019. Please disregard the contract completion date contained in Section II.D.5.

Q: Are you aware of initiatives to help provide solar for low-income communities? Unfortunately, if they are low-income they most likely will not be able to afford solar or be able to get financing for it on their own. Based on our experience.
A: Solarize Atlanta campaign organizers are working to provide programmic and financial solutions for low and moderate income (LMI) communities. That said, to the extent possible, bidding contractors are encouraged to offer their own solutions for the LMI community. Solarize Atlanta intends to collaborate closely with the selected contractor to provide the best possible solutions to the LMI community.

Q: Page 5 of the RFP under point 2, second bullet point. Reference is made to “an automated work flow process”. Please clarify what this means and to what level of integration is to exist between Solar Crowdsource and selected contractor (different databases, etc.)
A: Solar Crowdsource, the platform used by Solarize Atlanta to help facilitate the program, employs Hubspot marketing and sales software to automate lead generation and marketing workflows. In addition, Solar Crowdsource uses Zapier to facilitate communication with the selected contractor, if necessary. Solar Crowdsource will work with the selected contractor to streamline communication between Solarize Atlanta and the selected contractor to the extent possible. Solarize Atlanta does not require the selected contractor to use any particular CRM or automated marketing software, however, Solarize Atlanta will seek to streamline communication in an effort to enhance participant experience.

Q: If total length of RFP response goes beyond 10 pages (13-14 perhaps). Is that too long? Please advise acceptable length as there are numerous points and details that we want to include but will take document beyond the 10 pages mentioned.
A: Bidding contractors will not be penalized for bids exceeding 10 pages.


Please email with any questions or concerns.

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