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Now is the time to go solar and enjoy crowd-sourced savings!

Want to save money and have the support of experts in installing the right system for you? Working together, we can make Dunwoody a leader in solar energy.

Solarize Dunwoody is a solar PV bulk-purchasing program that helps homeowners, businesses and nonprofits in the Dunwoody area save on the cost of solar — the more that participate, the greater the savings!

Solarize Dunwoody selects Hannah Energy as the exclusive contractor for residential and commercial solar installations!

The organizers of the campaign sought competitive bids from the local solar community to ensure best-in-class materials are installed by qualified solar professionals for the lowest price.

See below for more infomation about Hannah Energy and the materials selected for this campaign.

What you can expect from Solarize Dunwoody:

  • Savings: Savings through bulk-purchase of materials, focus on a limited geographic area, and tiered pricing schedule.
  • Vetted Contractor and Materials: Through a competitive bid process, Solarize includes the selection of a qualified solar contractors and best-in-class materials so you don’t have to.
  • Free Solar Evaluations: Solarize Dunwoody includes a free solar evaluation including preliminary site design, energy usage profile, and financial analysis.
  • Education and Outreach: Several free workshops and events will be held throughout the duration of the campaign to inform the public of the benefits of solar. You will meet the contractors, learn about materials, and ask questions.
  • Limited Time Campaign: To generate inertia and motivate procrastinators. Once campaign ends, discount pricing goes away.


Solarize Dunwoody Pricing:

Residential Tiered Pricing (aggregate kW)

Residential pricing is determined by a tiered pricing structure. We use the power of bulk purchasing and economies of scale so the more homeowners that participate in the program, the lower the pricing will be for everyone. Here’s how it works: early adopters who go solar at Tier I pricing will pay $2.90/watt which is already a 10% savings for a comparable quality system outside this program. Then, throughout the course of the campaign, we aggregate the total amount of solar purchased and pass that savings down to the early adopters through a rebate paid at the end of the campaign. Tier VI pricing of $2.65/watt represents a 20% savings for everyone!

View Additional Costs and Price Adders (PDF)

Commercial Solarize Pricing (per project kW)

Commercial installations are very different from residential with commercial systems generally costing less per watt due to the size, scope and materials used for these systems. Therefore Solarize Dunwoody separates residential and commercial pricing to reflect this difference. The commercial pricing oulined below is exclusive to participants of the program and based on the size of the project — the larger the project, the greater the savings.

Solarize Financing

Interested in financing your solar project with little to no money down and saving money from day one? The right financing options make it possible! Solarize Dunwoody is pleased to present Suntrust Bank and Greensky as trusted financing sources for the Solarize Dunwoody campaign.


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See how Athens and Decatur-DeKalb solarized their communities.

Have questions? Check out our Solarize FAQs here.

Selected Materials and Specifications:


of your neighbors have already signed up!


327.56 Total kW | Tier 6 ($2.65/watt)
640,838 annual lbs CO2 Avoided


0 Total kW | Tier 1 ($1.85/watt)
0 lbs CO2 Avoided


404 kWh

The Enrollment Period is now closed

Calendar of Events:

June 2023

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Recent News:

Solarize Dunwoody Workshop Presentation 1-26-2018

Mayor Denis Shortal and members of Solarize Dunwoody Shortal presented a proclamation to the group and declared Jan. 31, 2018 as Solarize Dunwoody Day.

Dunwoody honors solar group for its early successes

With its plentiful sunlight, Georgia is the ideal place for solar power. But until recently, going solar – or solarizing – was beyond the budget of most people.

First Home to Solarize in Dunwoody

Tina Wilkinson loves the Earth so much so that she recently became an official “Earthkeeper” through the United Methodist Church.

Sunshine power comes to Dunwoody

The Solarize Dunwoody coalition has selected solar installer Hannah Solar for the Community Solar Campaign.

Solar group selects installer for Dunwoody

If you missed our June 27th Solar Town Hall Meeting, check out this article for an excellent summary:

The Solarize Movement Charges Up in Dunwoody




Solarize Dunwoody Installation Locations

Hannah Energy is a division of Hannah Solar that offers residential and commercial installation of emergency back-up generators, electric vehicle charging stations, and battery storage solutions – as well as the design and installation of residential solar arrays.

  • RESIDENTIAL SOLAR – We deliver the highest quality solar installations to homeowners throughout the Southeast. Our dedicated residential solar team works exclusively with residential customers to evaluate and identify the best solar system for your home and budget.
  • BATTERY STORAGE – Battery storage is a smart and economical solution for solar power. You can store solar energy generated during the day for use any time. During the day, the sun shines on your solar panels, charging your battery. At night, your home draws electricity from your battery, powering your home with clean, sustainable energy 24/7. The combination of solar and battery storage will reduce your electricity bill and protect you against electricity rate hikes. Battery storage systems also provide a reliable emergency backup system for your home in the event of a grid outage.
  • ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING STATIONS – We install, service, and maintain charging stations anywhere so if you need a station at the office or at home we are your full-service provider. Hannah Energy has experienced experts and technicians that will assess your EV charging station needs and provide you with a turnkey solution.
  • GENERATORS – Hannah Energy is an Elite Generac dealer and our trained experts are ready to help you meet your specific backup power needs. Whether you want to power your entire home, office or just the essentials, we have a solution that will meet your needs and your budget.


Customer Testimonials:

“Our overall experience with Hannah Solar was and is Excellent! True professionals committed to high quality, timely work and always willing to explain the work. An incredibly well run organization from all aspects. Really an outstanding business which is customer centered.”

– John Rabun

“From top to bottom, everyone I spoke with from the Hannah Solar was friendly, courteous, punctual and helpful. It was some of the best customer service I’ve experienced from any company.”

– Michael Welch

“I don’t know how our experience with Hannah Solar could have been any better. From pricing to quality to timeliness to efficiency to customer service, Hannah Solar is first rate.”

“Our experience with Hannah Solar was excellent. Everyone who worked on our project was courteous and helpful. The honesty of the company representatives about what were the best alternatives helped us get exactly what we needed and prepared us for further savings in the future.”

– Columbus Goodman Walden


Contact Solarize Dunwoody:

By email: admin@solarizedunwoody.com

By phone: 770-288-0440

NOTE: Your information is safe. By signing up, there is absolutley no obligation of any kind and your information will not be shared with anyone outside of this campaign. You are signing up for a free solar evaluation by Hannah Energy and locking in discount pricing should you decide to make the transition to solar. We will only use your email address to contact you directly and keep you updated on campaign news and upcoming events.


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