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Residential Enrollment Period and Contract Period are Now Closed

Commercial/Nonprofit Enrollment Period is Now Closed

Commercial/Nonprofit Contract Period Open Through April 30, 2019

Welcome to Solarize Atlanta!

Solarize Atlanta focuses on three distinct markets for solar in the City of Atlanta: Residential, Commercial, and Nonprofit/Equity.

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What is Solarize Atlanta?

Solarize Atlanta is a community-based solar energy  group purchasing campaign that makes solar more affordable and accessible for the residents of Atlanta. Solarize campaigns harness the power of the crowd to save some major green while residences and businesses go green.

The organizers of the campaign sought competitive bids from the local solar community to ensure best-in-class materials are installed by qualified solar professionals for the lowest price.

We’ve partnered with Clean Energy Credit Union

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What you can expect from Solarize Atlanta:

  • Savings: Savings through  group purchase of materials, focus on a limited geographic area, and tiered pricing schedule.
  • Vetted Contractor and Materials: Through a competitive bid process, Solarize includes the selection of a qualified solar contractors and best-in-class materials so you don’t have to.
  • Free Solar Evaluations: Sign up by the end of August and get a free solar evaluation including preliminary site design, energy usage profile, and financial analysis.
  • Education and Outreach: Several free workshop and education events that include discussions on solar 101, the Solarize Atlanta program, and pros and cons of solar. You will meet the contractors, learn about materials, pricing and payback, and get your questions answered.
  • Limited Time Campaign: To generate inertia and motivate procrastinators. Once campaign ends, discount pricing goes away.

Solarize Chronicles: Episode 1 from Solar CrowdSource on Vimeo.

Contact Solarize Atlanta:

By email:

By phone: 770-288-0440

NOTE: Your information is safe. By signing up, there is absolutely no obligation of any kind and your information will not be shared with anyone outside of this campaign. You are signing up for a free solar evaluation by the selected contractor and locking in discount pricing should you decide to make the transition to solar. We will only use your email address to contact you directly and keep you updated on campaign news and upcoming events.







of your neighbors have already signed up!


855.0 Total kW | Tier 5 ($2.50/watt)
1,672,750 annually lbs CO2 Avoided


35.58Total kW | Tier 1 ($1.85/watt)
69,600 annual lbs CO2 Avoided


Tier 5 Pricing - 533.56 kWh



Congratulations to Lucas Cyr for being the first residential contract for Solarize Atlanta!

“We’ve always wanted to add solar panels to our house, but our old house had a roof that, because of its age and angles, didn’t really make it realistic. So when we moved in late 2016, we finally had a chance. We try to be environmentally conscious in our purchases and activities, so this is another way we get to do that, all while making a decision that makes financial sense. The current political climate and the possibility of missing out on federal rebates definitely helped add a little urgency to the decision.

As for Solarize, we weren’t familiar with the program when we reached out to a solar sales person. He told us about the program and the recent quantity of work it brought to Dunwoody. It’s a great way to spark interest in solar in the area and we’re excited and fortunate to get to be in the early group for Atlanta. Hopefully we get to see some more solar roofs around the neighborhood over the next year!”
(4.2kW solar energy system)





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