Solar Marketplace Campaign

Solar CrowdSource’s Georgia Solar Marketplace campaign connects communities/local governments looking for savings and a clean energy alternative with solar developers seeking socially responsible investments and tax incentives, as well as financing from a qualified crowd of investors that will receive steady returns. Does one of the above descriptions sound like you? Learn More about Solar Marketplace.
Local governments, schools, HOAs, faith-based organizations and all other nonprofit organizations out there, get ready to go solar! The Solar Marketplace is free to use and makes it easy to get started with a solar energy campaign so you’re saving money and consuming clean, renewable energy in no time. Just follow our easy step-by-step process below.
Before setting up a campaign, we want to get to know you a bit so we can help meet your goals.
Our team of solar professionals will pre-qualify your project and help you design a system to meet your environmental and financial goals.
Now you’re ready to list your project in Solar Marketplace.
Pre-qualified developers browse our listings and connect with you.
Crowdfund up to 50% of the cost through the Solar Marketplace platform (optional).
Choose your own installer or select from our list of approved installers.
Enjoy the feeling of using clean, renewable energy while saving money on your electricty bill.
Would you like to participate in a campaign and view our current projects? Please first fill out the small form below. Once that is completed, it will take you back to this page to fill in your email in the field at the right side. From there, you’ll be able to view the active Campaigns.

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