Let’s Power Up Together.

We make solar energy possible for you and your community. Together, homes, businesses, and governments in Georgia can now benefit from cleaner, cheaper energy. Just power up our easy web-based campaign tool by choosing to launch or participate in one of three solar campaign programs:


Solarize Georgia

Community residents save cash and the environment by going in on the cost of solar together—the more that do, the more is saved.

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Solarize Decatur-Dekalb Campaign

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Solarize Athens Campaign

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Community Solar

No roof? No problem. Utilities set up campaigns for communities and individuals who would love to go solar, but can’t for any number of reasons. Participants get a credit on utility bills. Everyone wins.

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Solar Marketplace

A bright circle: Nonprofits, developers and crowd investors host, buy or invest in solar energy, and everyone works together toward a common goal. Plus, it’s the socially responsible thing to do.

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Why Solar CrowdSource?

Because we have got you covered…

Industry Know-how

Every state has its own set of unique rules and market conditions that control how solar can work for you. We have in-depth industry knowledge of the solar market in Georgia and lay the groundwork for you.

Intuitive Campaign Tools

You can easily create and customize your campaign page to specifically target your Georgia community.

Turnkey Marketing

Our personalization features and marketing automation ensure that campaign marketing emails match the interests of each recipient with relevant content, updates and reminders.

Social Media Savvy

Solar CrowdSource provides content to plug into your social media channels to deliver a clear, unified message to your followers with links back to your campaign page.

Campaign Participant Management

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when we bring data management from every touchpoint with your participants to turbocharge your campaign.

Campaign Analytics

Improving and optimizing your campaign starts with understanding your data. We’ll keep you updated on your metrics.

Boots on the Ground

Solar CrowdSource is developed by Georgians for Georgians. We help you get the most out of your campaign with face-to-face strategy meetings, participation at local government council meetings, workshops and collaboration with campaign stakeholders.